«Before social networks and after the Standard 8mm film was “Her”: The Smemo
There was and there is. Written in stone (and never goes out of style)

This tweet to the editorial staff of “Smemoranda” tells in 140 characters the story of the most famous diary/agenda ever… Simply THE “SMEMO”!

In the late seventies, without the need for marketing offices and capital, a group of Milanese youngsters linked to the then student movement created in Milan a new publishing proposal, revolutionary at that time: “Smemoranda”.

This is how The “Smemo” was born: the brand directed by Nico Colonna and Gino e Michele and who shaped 7 generations of students. A unique case here in Italy (and perhaps not only here…): a 16-month-long agenda, partly book and partly little diary, that since 1979 has alternated among its pages – always strictly checked! – articles, reviews, essays, news, poems, songs, quizzes, drawings and cartoons.

With almost a million copies distributed every summer all over the national territory, The “Smemo” has been the market leader in educational publishing for 39 editions. About 25 million students from the first edition to date have “consumed” Her every day. Several hundreds of contributors played a part in Her success, including artists and writers, non-profit organizations, and leading figures of civil society and culture and of the world of entertainment and sport.

Over the years “Smemoranda” has promoted with irony and dedication the values which “She” bears from the start: peace, freedom, solidarity, sustainability and ecology

This is why The “Smemo” is 100% made in Italy and is the only Emission-Free diary/agenda in Italy. Since 2005, through a project of tangible commitment in support of the environment – under the protection of the non-governmental organization Fondazione Terra ONLUS – She has created forests with more than 186,000 trees in public land. It is possible to go and see them in the Oltrepò Pavese (near Milan). These trees absorb more than 1,000 tons of CO2 per year, and give back to the atmosphere a large amount of oxygen.


For several years now, “ Smemoranda” has been replicating on the Web the publishing success of the diary with an on-line newspaperwww.smemoranda.it – , curated on a daily basis by a team of editors and external contributors, and with different social profiles that reach every day over half a million users.

Since the 2016 edition, The “Smemo” has also a dedicated WhatsApp number (+39 348-3989626).