C’Art opens new store in Italy


The latest new C’Art flagship store will be opened in December 2017 in Palermo Forum Shopping Mall (Roccella), one of the best in Italy with 9 million visitors each year. GUT Group retailer since 2015, C’ART continues its strategic development plan expanding sales network in Italy and also abroad (Miami and Shanghai).

Born from Di Veroli’s company centenary experience in stationery market, C’ART counts nowadays 60 stores (17 flagship stores and about 40 franchisees) all over Italy, and actually represents the leading brand in stationery and giftware market.

Mauro Ripoldi, GUT Group network manager: “Our goal is to double the sales network in 4 years with 20 flagship stores located in the best Italian shopping malls, with a specialized and high-profile proposal, able to anticipate market trends”.

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C’Art project shows its strenght also with the restyling of Orio al Serio store in May 2017 and Rome Cinecittà store in June 2017, completely modernized thanks to a new interior design concept by Takeda Katsuya Design. Last but not least, the recent switch over of C’ART franchisee in Rimini shopping center Le Befane into a flagship store (August 2017).

Takeda Katsuya Design: “C’ART wants to stimulate the imagination of its consumers with a guided and immediate research. Every brand macro category is highlighted with product descriptions. The color of the walls is neutral to focus attention on the products carefully mixed by visual merchandising experts team. The intention is to offer a shop and also a creative and engaging space, that impresses in memory and remains imprinted in mind”.


Great attention also to the franchising channel with the opening of the new C’ART store at the beginning of in Carrefour Nichelino shopping center (Torino) and Borgo D’Abruzzo shopping center (Pescara) by November 2017.