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This statement (“Cookies Statement“), made pursuant to the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 (“Privacy Code”), is intended to inform Users of this website (“Website”) concerning the types of cookies used on this Website and to the aims pursued through the use of cookies by GUT Edizioni S.p.A. (“GUT”).
For more information on Personal Data processing carried out by GUT on this Website, the User can consult our Privacy Policy.

GUT may amend, supplement or periodically update this Cookies Statement, in consideration of possible changes to the applicable regulatory or of provisions of the Italian Data Protection Authority (“DPA / Authority“), or of services offered on this Website.
As soon as they are adopted, all changes and updates to this Cookies Statement are applied and brought to the attention of all stakeholders through publication on this Website.
Consequently, each User is asked to log on to this Website regularly in order to check if the Cookies Statement has been revised.


GUT, through this Website, uses Cookies to enhance the browsing experience, to make it as respectful as possible of its Users’ wishes and needs, as well as to improve Web content usability.
Cookies ensure an easier use of the Internet and a greater Website usability.
Cookies, in fact, are small text files that contain an “information package”. The Website sends them to the User terminal (usually the browser), where they are stored, only to be sent back to the same Website during the same session or on subsequent visits by the same User.

Generally, Cookies assign a unique number to the User; however, such number is meaningless outside of the website on which it was awarded.
Cookies can be stored only for the time a website is used (i.e. Session Cookies) or for a longer period of time independent from the session (i.e. Persistent Cookies).
As a rule, Cookies allow GUT to establish which sectors and contents of the Website are the most visited or viewed, in order to adapt them to the wishes of the Users and at the same time to improve the services offered, also, but not only, to craft a tailor-made communication for its Users and their related interests.

While rendering the Web surfing experience more usable and intuitive, GUT can also use Cookies to:
I) identify a User when she or he logs-in to the Website;
II) prevent fraudulent use of User accounts;
III) if authorized, record Users’ preferences and get a Website and / or personalized communications in line with these;
IV) if authorized, provide promotions, content and advertising, related to the User and her or his preferences and to remember these preferences;
V) carry out market research or statistical studies

Acceptance and denial of Cookies

By continuing to surf this Website, by accessing any area of this Website, by clicking on the “X” on the banner or by closing the banner, the User consents to the use of Cookies as described in the following section.

In any case the acknowledgement of one’s consent can be modified at any time by accessing this Cookies Statement from the banner and every page of this Website.
Although most browsers accept Cookies automatically, it is possible however, to activate or deactivate them by modifying the related settings below provided for the major browsers.



Website Cookies

The types of Cookies used by our Website are:

  1. Cookies necessary to online browsing:
    1. Nature: technical Cookies.
    2. Purposes: these Cookies are essential in order for this Website to operate correctly and with visibility, by allowing basic Web surfing. These Cookies do not collect information about Users that could be used for marketing purposes. Cookies are necessary, amongst the others, to: (I) remember Users’ data on different pages during a browsing session; (II) display content in the language pre-selected at every access, recognizing which country the User is connecting from (and remembering such settings in future accesses. The acceptance of Cookies is a necessary condition for the correct use of this Website, blocking them may prevent, or severely impair, the ability to browse this Website.
    3. Collected data: data related to navigation.
    4. Duration: Session Cookies.

    To withdraw the consent to the use of Cookies needed to navigate, it is possible to operate on the browser as described in Section.

  2. Cookies functional to navigation:
    1. Nature: Technical Cookie.
    2. Purposes: these Cookies enable GUT to make the use of this Website significantly easier for the User. They allow to identify the Users who logged-in to this Website, avoiding the new entry of data at each new browsing session. Such cookies are not essential for browsing this Website, but are intended to facilitate and expedite its use.
    3. Collected data: data concerning navigation and preferences expressed by the User while browsing.
    4. Duration: Session cookies and Permanentcookies .

    To withdraw User’s consent to the use of Cookies functional to navigation, one can operate on the browser as shown in the previous section.

  3. Google Analytics cookies:
    1. Nature: Analytical third-party cookie Cookies.
    2. Purpose: GUT uses the web analysis service provided by Google, Inc., to monitor, anonymously and in an aggregate form, the statistical analysis of Users’ navigation on this Website, in order to understand how they use it and to adapt it accordingly, thereby improving the same Website.
    3. Data collected: (I) domain and host from which the User accesses the Internet; (II) website address from which the User connects to the Website, if available; (III) date and time of connection to the Website, how long the connection lasted and which pages were visited; (iv) l’internet protocol address (IP) of the User; (V)operating system of the computer (or other device) and the browser used by the User; (VI) demographic details, anonymously collected, of Users who access the Website.
    4. Duration: session cookiesand Permanent cookies.

    For more information about Google Analytics Cookies and to withdraw the User’s consent to their use, please consult the webpage:

  4. Cookies of Social Network:
    1. Nature: Third-party profiling cookie
    2. Purpose: GUT uses the services offered by Facebook Inc. to allow quick sharing of the content of this Website or to ensure the possibility to comment on some areas of this Website. Facebook Inc. may use Cookies to determine the User or use the technique of behavioral retargeting, i.e. display targeted advertising base the interest and User behavior, also detected outside this Website.
    3. Data collected: information on Web surfing and on the preferences expressed by the User during navigation.
    4. Duration: Session cookies and Permanent cookies.

    For more information on Cookies of Social Networks, and to refuse consent to their use, please consult the following webpageweb: