Esselunga Travels with the Nava Design Style

The Italian Esselunga chain of supermarkets has chosen Nava Design as the protagonist of the new publicity campaign and of the new collection of points which’ll be active until June 13, 2018. The promotion offers all Carta Fidaty holders the possibility of collecting the practical and elegant products of the Easy+ line.

Easy+ products are just perfect for everyday use being at once practical and functional without, however, ever forgoing elegance. They come in scratch and rain resistant fabric to be used in all weather conditions and are embellished by soft details and easy-grip, soft touch handles. The products’ interiors all have pockets and multi-use compartments.

To cater to everyone’s needs, besides rendering the whole range of accessories that makes up the Easy+ line available, Nava has especially designed three new pieces for this partnership: beauty-case, holdall and trolley, thus creating a complete collection that consists in: trolley, weekend holdall, knapsack, tote bag, small shoulder bag and beauty-case, all simply and essentially designed and coming in refined blue.

For its publicity campaign, Esselunga has ironically mixed its own world with that of Nava using three amusing subjects to promote this initiative in all Italian cities.