A Magical Evening for Smemoranda’s 40th Anniversary

Let’s shut our eyes for just a moment and try to remember…
Dr. Marten’s shoes, Tamagotchis, Karaoke, Mtv, the Gulf War, the Spice Girls and then… Smemoranda of course! The diary that all your classmates just had to sign, the one in which you kept all your secrets, lies, revelations, rages memorabilia and group photos, the colours of your favourite team and secret crushes.

To reminisce about the good old times and to celebrate its 40th anniversary, Smemo has decided to call upon the legendary Smemorandians of the 90ties to see how they’ve grown up and to discover what they think of the golden years of their youth! Of course, we’ll be leafing through the pages of Smemos of the time together! This “Amarcord” (I remember) appointment, which is absolutely free of charge, is set for December 13th at 9.00 p.m. at the Zelig Cabaret in Viale Monza 140.

What will be happening on that occasion? Well, we’ll be reading lines from Smemo that have become memorable: “Luca you’re hot” to “Like a boat leaves a wake, I leave my signature here” and things like “Marco you’re hotter than Luca”.

And then, the re-opening of our diaries will be presided over by some of Smemo’s fantastic collaborators such as Paolo Rossi, Gabriele Salvatores, Gialappa’s Band, and the company directors Nico Colonna and Gino&Michele. The meeting will be chaired by #ragazzianni90, Luca Mastrantonio and Errico Buonanno, authors of “Magical Nights” (UTET): a collection of memories, emotions, fetishes, events, seasonal hits, past fads and myths, passions and news items, ideologies and legends, all recounted for those who experienced them but also for those who wish to rediscover them today. Guest star of the evening will be the legendary Eritreo Cazzulati! How could the kids of the 90ties ever forget him?!

A good dose of nostalgia but also a mix of stories, anecdotes, generational comparisons, between the way we were and what we’ve become. And there’s a dress code: come equipped with your old Smemo of course!