Smemoranda on RAI 3: interview by Concita de Gregorio for FuoriRoma


The directors of Smemoranda, Nico Colonna, Gino and Michele are among the protagonists of a many-voiced episode, dedicated to the city of Milan, of FuoriRoma, a programme hosted by the journalist Concita de Gregorio, broadcast every Sunday on Rai 3 (8.30 p.m.).

The programme, now in its fourth edition, wants to relate the story of several Italian cities seen through the eyes of the mayors and administrators that are changing the political geography of our Country. The show will be further enhanced by Concita de Gregorio’s unique narrative style and by the comments and remarks of numerous guests from the City’s cultural and entrepreneurial scene.

During the interview with the directors of Smemoranda, the journalist went over how Milan has changed from the time when this diary “par excellence” was first conceived until today. It’s a journey between past and present, which also touches upon another one of the city’s symbols, the Zelig Theatre, the temple of comedy and humour, which today has become a production centre and a TV channel.

Smemoranda has also hosted iPantellas, a new generation of “digital” comedians (their YouTube channel counts more than 3 million followers) and many devoted collaborators of the diary.

Don’t miss the appointment on Sunday April 15th, at 8.30 p.m. on Rai 3.