Smemoranda and Zelig TV present Music for Emergency

Music, human rights and solidarity are the ingredients of “Music for Emergency”, that will be premiered and broadcast on Zelig TV, on digital terrestrial channel 243, on Thursday June 7th at 9,15 p.m..

Music for Emergency” is a production created by Smemoranda in collaboration with Emergency, featuring protagonists such as Ermal Meta, Fabrizio Moro, Gino Strada and Gino Castaldo.

Twenty years after Il mio nome è mai più the single by LigaJovaPelù, written at the time of the war in Kosovo and whose proceeds were donated to Emergency, a new musical project will be supporting the association founded by Gino Strada.
The announcement was made by Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro in the video, which sees them together with Gino Castaldo, Gino Strada and Nico Colonna at Casa Emergency, the headquarters of the organization in Milan. The two singers will transfer copyrights of their song Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente to Emergency to be able to support an intervention project in war zones.

“We don’t know exactly what to do, but help us to help you” Fabrizio Moro declares, while Ermal Meta explains how after Sanremo, which gave a lot of visibility to their song, they realized that that they had told a story that didn’t belong to them and that “the right thing to do was to give the song to Emergency and to collaborate with them through the proceeds that the song would generate.”
“In contemporary wars, 90% of victims are civilians: women, children, men, people like us, whose only fault is that of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Emergency knows exactly who they are: we see them every day in our hospitals. Fabrizio and Ermal’s choice of supporting us in our daily challenge of promoting the culture of peace makes us proud., The two artists have accepted the challenge sincerely and realistically because they are convinced, as we are,  that a world without wars is possible.” explains Emergency’s president Rossella Miccio.
One of the first uses that will be made of the song Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente will be as opening signature tune of Programma Italia, one of Zelig TV’s current affairs  formats programmed by Smemoranda. In collaboration with other partners, Smemo wants to voice an original and direct account of events and of those values such as ecology, civil rights, and freedom of thought, solidarity and culture, which the historical diary has always been a spokesman for. Programma Italia will be broadcast from September on Zelig TV.
Besides this musical project, Meta and Moro’s collaboration will continue in the sphere of The National Meeting of Emergency Volunteer Workers in Trento (on September 7th to 9th 2018), where an evening will be devoted to the music of the two artists.