Zelig TV is the new creative hub by Bananas and Smemoranda


A free-to-air Television channel (digital terrestrial channel 243), a production centre and a web TV: Zelig TV has come into being as a new, creative, entrepreneurial  challenge by Bananas Media Company in collaboration with Smemoranda.

These two 100% Made in Italy brands, pioneers of free, independent and unconventional creativity, for over 40 years have been strongly contributing to enriching and innovating TV shows, entertainment and information.

As of February 25th 2018 with Zelig TV, a wealth in terms of content and a way of conceiving entertainment and disseminating culture becomes a real system: a creative, production and distributive organisation, with a beating heart in the historical headquarters of Viale Monza 140.


«Constructing an on-air and on-line platform supported  by an independent creative, production and broadcasting centre allows us to optimize and enlarge upon the inestimable heritage generated by Zelig’s and Smemoranda’s more than 30 years of activity.»,  states Roberto Bosatra, CEO of Bananas Media Company. « To achieve this objective, we’ve involved many highly diversified, internal and external competences of the editorial and technical sectors, whose management has been entrusted to a Managing Committee made up by myself, Gianluca Paladini and Giancarlo Bozzo and to an Editorial Committee, which includes Gino and Michele, Nico Colonna and Marina Di Loreto. Many minds working for a common objective, “a way of doing things”, which has always characterised Zelig and Smemoranda and which has witnessed many successes supported by an extended and transversal community, which continues to grow and with which we want to open as many channels of dialogue as possible».

«Zelig TV isn’t just a television but a new way of TV programming, one which is more at the service of the community, as Bananas Media Company and Smemoranda themselves have been for years», continues Gianluca Paladini, CEO of Bananas Media Company. «Our key objective is to reach out to and involve our audience using every means available. With Zelig TV, television, the web, theatre and local events become a unique, integrated system to involve and embrace our community, enhancing the historical sense of belonging of Zelig’s and Smemoranda’s public, which goes well beyond humour and comedy».

From the right: Giancarlo Bozzo, Roberto Bosatra, Gino Vignali, Gianluca Paladini, Nico Colonna, Michele Mozzati, Marina di Loreto. Photo: Francesco Margutti- Photomovie

Zelig TV Channel: the programming offer

Zelig TV presents itself with a programming offer in three macro areas:

– comedy/entertainment: performances, a show, in which Zelig will be proposed in a new way,  sitcom, sketch com, and  a novel approach to expressing the art of comedy, its history, its function in the world, through inteviews, debates and, why not, even through quiz shows.

«Our public must now find the same strong identity  that has always characterised Zelig’s and Smemoranda’s creative and productive work in Zelig TV, a TV  and web channel, which we’d  like to define as almost generalist. In fact, our greatest effort will be that of trying to include in our programming all the topics and genres that may be found in any other TV channel but approaching them through our way of seeing the world, using that oblique view that characterises comedy in the highest sense of the term. So we’ll be talking about sport and cooking, cars and sexuality, there’ll be comedy and talk shows, quizzes and debates on important topics concerning our civil society. And we’ll be open to the proposals coming from the web, from cultural organizations, from people who for more than 30 years have been at our side from a professional and human point of view», declares Giancarlo Bozzo, artistic director of Zelig TV.

– reporting/information programmes: Smemoranda for Zelig TV will give a voice to associations and cooperatives, which do volunteer work, to NGOs and non-profit organizations operating in the social sector. The first to have joined the project are: Emergency, Diversity and Radioimmaginaria.

«The most fascinating challenge will be that of working in close synergy with all those realities that have always had a different, less standardized view of things, often addressing troubling topics that go against the general trend. This is an approach, which Smemoranda has in its DNA and which, thanks to Zelig TV, will now be speaking an audio-visual language, which is becoming more and more a part of our “media diet”. In a certain sense, Smemoranda is the channel’s “social heart”: it’ll give its contribution by means of programmes debating values it has always supported from the very beginning. Ecology, civil rights, freedom of thought, solidarity, culture: these are the topics that Smemo has always supported and disseminated among young people and not only. To do this even better, certain non-profit organizations will also be involved in this adventure», declares Nico Colonna, President of Gut Smemoranda.

TV series/cinema/festival: a selection of titles, from classic to contemporary, chosen each time by friends and testimonials from the Zelig and Smemoranda world, who will be introducing these films in an unprecedented way. Films, of course, but also TV series and forays into the most important Italian and international film festivals, with live reporting, interviews and stories.

«It’s just great to feel so excited after so many years of professionalism. And this is happening because we’ve been able to definitely “contaminate” two groups of workers and friends, who have collaborated with us for almost our whole life. Besides, Zelig TV brings us back to the times when the Zelig cabaret first started, a place in which we created great TV programmes almost unaware of what we were doing! This small, great television might have very similar characteristics to those of Zelig cabaret of thirty years ago. It might become a place where to cultivate new performance ideas and artists able to navigate other seas in future. If all this were to come true, it would be thanks to another of the many inventions that the world of Zelig and the world of Smemoranda have been able to successfully create together. And in any case, it will be a wonderful way to continue a story that for us and for Smemoranda has been going on for forty years and thirty for Zelig. That’s a long time but never long enough…», Gino and Michele declare.

Also a web TV

Zelig TV, coordinated by Stefano Preti, will also be a web TV  with extra content that will integrate and complete that offered by the free-to-air TV channel.

Besides offering a view of formats coming from Zelig’s historical archive and the social content of partner associations, the web TV will also give access to the rehearsals and the backstage of the programmes being produced. There will also be a premium offer of exclusive contents, among which live programmes from the Zelig Theatre and a cinematographic offer of art films and impossible to find classics.

Zelig TV Technical Partners

Channel graphics is by Sunny Milano srl.
Channel graphics animation has been created by Paste Up.
For the production studio: audio material has been provided by Backstage; the video project and layout have been created by Digital Wide; lights have been provided by B-Happy; lights installation consulting and design are by M2L. The PRS MediaGroup is the partner involved in publicity collection for Zelig TV.

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